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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Education

The process of learning and teaching are two words that have a different meaning but interconnected with the occurance of the learning process, then there will be a teaching process. From the teaching and learning process a learning outcome will be obtained. In order to be obtained. In order to obtain optimal result, the learning process must be done well and organized.

The teaching process is now largely carried out by the way the teacher will teaches in front of the class then submits or dictates the material of knowledge in front of 20 people up to 30 people. If the teacher in delivering in monotonous way, it is less humorous and very rigid. 

Then it can make students not focus  and not pay attention to what being conveyed by the teacher, even often student are absorbed in talking to themselves with other students or some are sleeping in the classroom.

In addition to the noise in the classroom environtment as well as outrage betwen students can make a lack of concentration in student learning. Limitation of teacher in supervising one by one students in process of delivering learning material. As well as interesting ways of delivery and interactive absence betwen teacher and students can make the teaching and learning is less effective.

“To make student like teaching and learning process, an interesting method is needed”

“Interesting learning is a learning wich there is a stories, interaction, interactive, and can motivate student to prefer the learning process”

“Learning through experiencing will be more easly recorded to memory so that learning will be more optimal and effective”

Current technology development can be uttilized in the field of education, especially in  teaching and learning process. With the use of technology in process, it can make learning process more interesting, interactive and effective.

The technology that can be utilized for education is very large and varied, such as VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality). VR is solution to make education in indonesia more effective, interactive and interesting for student. More over by using VR technology the Learning process wich has tended to be rigid has become flexible learning process and as new thing in the teaching procedures for teacher in Indonesia

JENIUSVR Education Kit 

PT Falah Inovasi Teknologi develop innovative technology that can make teaching and learning process is more interactive, insprirational, enjoyable challenging, motivate teachers and students to be more active by providing enough space for creativity with Virtual Reality Technology Education.

The need for changes in the education system in Indonesia to achieve maximum learning goals effectively and efficiently. In order not to be left behind by the progress of the education system from other countries. Changes in the education system and improvement of the education system with VR, AR, MR.

Technology methods can motivate the nation’s children to enjoy the teaching and learning process, making the delivery of learning material more effective and efficient and optimizing the achievement of learning goals.

“JENIUSVR will bring New Method of Education in Indonesia a step further  to be able to educate Indonesian children to be equal and compete the era of future technological advance.”