Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Education


Product Benefit

Product benefit making teaching and learning process more interactive, inspirational, fun challenging, motivating teachers and students to be more active by providing enough space for creativity.

A survey from Geman EMNID Survey Institute for 606 teacher from all over the Germany about The Application of Virtual Reality Technology said 92% of educators supported the use of digital technology. 77% of respondents believe  VR is the right way for student to explore place they dont normaly visit.

Survey from VEATIVELAB VR  for 404 student from India, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Japan.

What student have to say after using VR in Classroom

Another survey from VEATIVELAB VR  for 116 teacher from India, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Japan.

Solution For Effective Teaching And Learning

An effective of teaching and learning in essence occurs if the teacher can change the abbilities and perceptions of student from dificult to learn something to be easy to learn. The process of teaching and learning effectively is very dependent on the selection and use of learning method.

Optimizing Teaching And Learning Process

Visualization of interesting content can facilitate student to acchieve optimal learning goals in an easy, fast and fun way. 

Motivating Student To Like Teaching And Learning Process

Learning will be more interesting with the appeareance of 360 Video, 3D 360 Video, 3D 360 Image. Making student feel more curious.

Teaching And Learning Process is More Enjoyable

By having interactive feature like Games that are often used by students they can make student like feel home and look forward to returning to learning again with JENIUSVR Education Kit

Learning Through Experience

Making educational content more lively and real life so that student can see, interact with 360 Video such as seein life under the sea by feeling being inside the ocean and seeing various fishes being surrounded or seeing condition in space.


JENIUSVR Excelence Education Kit 

  • With  platform Content Management & Class Management
  • With Augment Reality Platfrom
  • 360 Video has been collected and adapted to the k13 curriculum in Indonesia
  • 3D 360 Video Content Modul with K13 curriculum
  • 3D 360 Picture Modul with K13 curriculum
  • Has solid and realiable team

JENIUSVR Customized device will make prices more affordable.