Content Library

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Education

Content System Management Platform 

 JENIUSVR user friendly Platform with an easy to use feature for teaching and learning activities


User Login

An account will be created to be able  to enter The JENIUSVR Portal dashboard through the registration email address provided to JENIUSVR Admin Team. Then the user will be recieve   verivication of registration via an email that has been registered then please change the password the user can enter The JENIUSVR portal to access the VR and AR content library.



Search Feature

Search feature to make it easier for user to save time to find the desired content for teaching and learning acitivies. Type the name of country or the word o be search for content title data available in the JENIUSVR library.




Save Feature

After finding the content that suit what you want, the teacher can save by downloading 360 Video Content and PDF Learning Module for teacher guide to teaching and learning activities using JENIUSVR Education Kit.


Teaching & Learning Module

 JENIUSVR has a content library that has been adapted to the K13 curriculum in Indonesia, with 360 Video content type,  3D Model Video content type, 3D model picture content type. With the learning module JENIUSVR can help teacher to plan learning activities.


There are more than 200 content with several categories and sub categories that can be accesed for download and can be use in learning  activities.


“JENIUSVR will continue to add VR and AR content every month”




  • Step 1 Login, fill in your username and password then click enter.
  • Step 2 Dashboard, there is Categories feature menu.
  • Step 3 Kategori, Select the desire categories.
  • Step 4 Sub Kategori, Select sub categories that you want.
  • Step 5 Savethe selected content to be used for teaching and learning.